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3,000 years of Chinese eating crab culture

Crab in various historical periods, the title is also diversity. Some Word too obscure, computer font in fundamental find not to, like in three Shi of sea soil and water foreign body records in the on has "exhaust Park", and "sand dog", and "leaning looked", and "Bee River", and "Lu Tiger",, "wedelia extracts from" of appeared is more early of, in Jin generation of ancient note in has, but "crabs" fame of appeared, is to to clear late, and is Shanghai people slogan of. &Nbsp;

to the General about the lifestyle of the Song dynasty, there were crab research professionals, and three of them have left a book, such as the ancestry of crab Fu Gong, another Lv Kang Zhejiang common 12 kinds of crabs into "Science wall chart", and its shape. Third is negative basket road, field trips, collecting specimens of more than 100 kinds of crabs in Hangzhou. Crab people today should remember that he is the first type of crab researcher.

Meanwhile, crab gourmet was born. "One hand crab, holding wine glasses, swim in the pool alone is enough for a lifetime. "This statement was later borrowed, but do not know who is the first Chinese crab enthusiasts Bi Zhuo. Since then, the Chola chrysanthemum and compose poetry became a traditional glass of uninhibited eating. Creation of Su Dongpo pork is a person who loves crab, he had poems in Exchange for two female and two male friends of hairy crabs, we send Ding Gongmo 构词成分。 crisis is drought, which was the first song, "laughs wuxing Chan district magistrate, a poem for two tips. "Later, he also wrote a lot of crab-chanting poetry, record eating crab at the time and atmosphere. Lu you was also crab-loving people, and many of the poems documented his crab-eating experience, "but you can read the poem, but crab". Chinese scholars acid strength is so overpowering, that eating crab drinks too, be sure to hold a book, be considered as an elegant one. But he has a really good poem: "mitten four Gill bass, female crab cream, bottle zu aromatic fresh a decade absent, month Zheng Chen Wanli, haunts the complex to the West Lake. "Poems have a comment after" crab known as the best in the West Lake. "Poetry in the crab and four Gill bass, he left home ten years later the homesick symbol of sustenance, the Chinese literati tradition.

  crab the most obsessed with the Qing dynasty dramatist, poet and novelist, Li Yu, in the ancestry of the crab, he writes: "to know southern crab, shanzhenhaicuo than when first attached to Aquarium, the crustaceans. "He also summed up a crab, crab order and hand peeled experience are very real. Poverty in old age, crab, not to a year, a little bit of money, the family called it "buy money" crabs on the market, purchased a number of VAT has been eaten to the next city, five or six a day, he will also fall as "autumn crab."

three generations of the Qing dynasty Kangxi, economic prosperity, eat crab South fashion, in addition to the aforementioned Li Yu, also wrote the garden of single Yuan Mei and Hong Liangji, Li Juei, Huang Ziyun, is a crab delusion. Crab stew are also logged in the diaodingji eggs, bird's nest with crab, wine steamed crab, fried crab meat, crab meat, crab II pine, more than 30 kinds of crab crab dish and bad crab crab, sauce, crab, wind of more than 10 species such as crabs, because the crab-Crab production methods. In Jin Ping Mei and a dream of Red mansions, there is detailed description of eating crab, perhaps through eating crab the most sensitive ways. Literary hack in Jin Ping Mei count should steal description of Ximen Qing home pickled crab, the dream of the Deluxe Edition of crab are red fans relish, hongxuejia iterative plot, arranged a crab looking not only brings great taste delicious, also bring a unique poetry and passion. Are renowned for their style is known for its pathos and suggests to write "meat more pity for your eight-legged, who persuaded me, glass" so bold and unconstrained poems and Baochai has also written "the road transit, Peery spring air black and yellow" Although harsh, but had to call it writing great lines of crab.

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