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Crabs crab culture

Crab is a crab, scientific name of river crab Eriocheir sinensis. In our country from the liaohe River in the North and South to Pearl River, on the long coastline is widely distributed, with the Yangtze River's largest production and taste delicious. In General, the crab in particular Department of the Yangtze River crab Eriocheir sinensis. Crabs in the Yangtze estuary offshore producing seedlings in the past, after the juvenile crabs, reverse migratory of the Yangtze River, grows in branching stream of Lakes along the Yangtze River.


yangcheng Lake crab why is commonly known as the "crab"? Bao Xiaotian has written an article on the name of the hairy history when it comes to "Word crabs come from the mouth of Suzhou crab people. "" They eat crabs like to eat before Dinner, or ad hoc. So these sell crabs who always picked up in the afternoon, street and shouted: ' gate crabs crabs '. "This" gate ", which sound the same," SA ", (SA is the meaning of water in the Wu dialect) crab cooked with water and food, that" SA crab ". Such an interpretation, there is no meaning. His "day at Wu Neshi's crab feast (NE SENAI Lake of sail article), Mr Zhang Weiyi, Kunshan and yangcheng Lake, began its advance. ”


Wu Neshi Suzhou caoqiao secondary school's founder, father Governor of Wu Dazheng corporations to Hunan in late Qing dynasty, when Liu Kunyi Legatus Pro praetore in the Sino-Japanese war, one of the three, are all famous ancient book collectors.

Zhang Weiyi was also friends with Wang Songwen and Wu Neshi, Wu Jia regulars. Gu Yanwu of the Shao Guoli manuscripts in the world, the loss of more than 200 years, is bought by Wu Shine, and Wang Songwen and Wu also found and Kunshan, generously accepted a gift back. This is a great event and become a much-told story in the book. Wu Jia set crab feast, it so happened, also present, Bao Xiaotian on "crab" interpretation of the name: "do good, crab, they harbour, will set up a sluice, wove bamboo. Night comes across the gate, reset the lights, crabs see the flames, climb the bamboo gate, one by one to catch on the gate, very convenient, is the origin of the name of sluice crab. "Bamboo gate is bamboo Duan, Duan caught crabs are called gate on crab, big crab.

on October 5, 1998, the yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, CPC Central Committee General Secretary Jiang Zemin inspected the base, base construction has been greatly encouraged, also attracted a steady stream of foreign businessmen and visitors around. When General Secretary Jiang's South square at the base to see banners hanging on the greenhouses, with a little thought, leaving the "Zephyr rings, crab feet Tickle, autumn just to eat crab" story!

culture and history

crab is a seasonal treat, the Tang dynasty poet Li Bai had praise: "crab that is liquid gold, bad colliculus is Penglai. And drink wine, take the month drunk high ", how can we miss the down-home good time to nourish yourself this, it's not crab season is coming! The saying goes: "autumn, crab legs itch September round pads October tip. "In September to eat female crabs, when female crabs Huang Man flesh; October eating male, male crab crab cord is pointed, cream foot meat, on food culture of hairy crabs and becomes the topic.

What are crabs? Crab, but not all of the crab, the variety must be of Eriocheir sinensis, size must be 32 per cent. Name is respectable, is said to have hairy: crabbing along the Suzhou, Kunshan, in the harbour gate is set, brake with bamboo woven, hang lights on at night, crabs see the light, namely, light up the bamboo gate, just capturing one by one on the gate, so called crabs.

yangcheng Lake hairy crabs to the famous, accompanied by "crab King" reputation, people rush to eat crabs while most not to forget is the yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, everyone can eat authentic yangcheng complacency. Shenzhen restaurant seafood stalls are now crawling crabs, yangcheng Lake hairy crab dishes introduced all kinds of cuisine restaurant, whether it be Cantonese Restaurant, restaurant, restaurant, but far apart food origin are authentic statements, presumably southern cuisine restaurant run yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are justified, whether it is source of crab, tastes will develop South of the food culture. From crabs and crab claws, have mixed feelings in Chinese food culture with a long history.

typically, people compared the crabs in the best taste, because of its food color, aroma, taste, shape and quality. Ming dynasty writer Zhang Dai's fresh crab to once said that "no salt and vinegar flavors."

crab flavor

just like ink six-color, harp has seven tones, like many flavored crab: crab, crab, crab, crab. Crab meat, and "four": the thigh meat, short slender, with scallops; shank meat, long and delicate, like whitebait; crab body meat, white Crystal, than white fish roe, delicious, not metaphors. And cancer after exposure was seafood treasures for the first taste of the seafood.

when it comes to crabs, must be made to the people of Shanghai. Shanghai hairy crabs every one, just like the people in the Northeast and sauerkraut noodles, Sichuan and water boiled fish, hard. According to incomplete statistics, during the crabs listed, each year in Shanghai averaged 12.5 eating hairy crabs.

Shanghai people have been pursuing on the eating culture is fine, elegant, dinner time more details is tedious, and stress, showing the sincerity of the host. The catering from Shanghai hairy crabs rising star, except the anointing oil, sweet and fragrant and attractive, a crab step is long and trivial. There is such a joke, said a Shanghai man arrived in Beijing by train, car and bought a crab, eat in the car, train station, he had just finished eating a crab legs, a station stop, and finally arrived in Beijing, Shanghainese hairy hands completely wiped clean. If you think this is exaggeration, so there is only one possible-you is not enough to know that a little hairy.

related legends

yangcheng Lake hairy crab is known for, subway fresh cover. Someone asked who first ate the fresh head, being the first crab people? Pakistan town survived years distant piece of folklore, can be satisfied with the answer.

legend has it that thousands of years ago, human ancestors had settled in the South of the land habitats, fishing farming of aquatic and land reclamation, generation after generation who strove hard to create a land of plenty. Due south of the low-lying, with plenty of rainfall, often prone to flooding. Sometimes though a bumper harvest in sight, however, Lake River Park has come up with a lot of love light crawling beetles double complex eight-legged, shape a dragon Yu broke into rice fields to eat grains, with razor-sharp claws hurt. Ancestors of Jing very scared and fear as the Tigers, called this insect insect caught people, ranging from the Sun, they closed the door early.

later, tayu to jiangnankaihe water, strong man PLO Ecotone of workmen in yangcheng Lake region, led the excavation of migrant workers to the sea channel. At night, the sheds have just lit the fire, but flames drew a large clip from black man worm, a foam at the mouth like a Lake surge. We must resist, roused the people bug battle on the site. Not much, the clamps worm spits out bubble, submerged card fire, both infighting in the dark to pale in the East, and insect people morning back into the water. But many laborers were injured in pinch, clamp die clamp die, flesh-and-blood dripping wet, miserable.

popular history

clip one insect infestation, a serious obstacle to Kai he works. The PLO thought for a long time, came up with a solution, called migrant workers built in Tucheng, and edge of town to dig deep surrounding ditch, late city rises a fire surrounding ditch into the boiling water. Clip people bug sweep, have plunged into boiling water ditch scalded to death. Insect corpses accumulate in the trench, they used long handled hook up, continue filling opening of water operations. People jam scalded to death worm was red, piling up, giving off a inductive appetizing and delicious flavor. The PLO after a smelling, curious to take a closer look, open to chitin, a smell smell stronger. He thought, taste delicious-smelling, I do not know if I can eat the meat? I ventured a bite. But gently chewing teeth, mouth feel fresh, and everything is delicious. PLO eat more fragrant, insect people chewed to a clip in the stomach, and eat one in succession. We see him eating with gusto, daring laborers also follow taste, no exultation said: we came to eat insect caught people, taste was very sweet! Thus, workers turn down pick it up and eat worms all eliminated a bunch of clips of people to "Temple of the five Zang-organs". After local people informed, also went to catch caught one worm, and quickly spread far and wide. Since then, the insect ancestors were not afraid of clips of people, like monsters were feared pest became the well-known cuisine. Everyone in order to appreciate the pioneering task PLO, reverence him as a warrior, with insect characters add a Word, called insect caught people crab, meaning PLO conquered clip insect people, is best in the crab-eating people. Homicides is the name in memory of the PLO. Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs made in homicides, and famous, has long enjoyed an excellent reputation.