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Six safe to eat crab food and not crab with food

Pros and cons-crab if you do not chew or improper food combining, it can lead to food poisoning.

autumn, Ju Xiang Xie Fei, is the best time to taste the crab. Hairy crab is rich in nutritional value, the protein content is several times higher than pork, fish, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin a content is higher. But not all crabs are delicious when eating hairy crabs, be sure to pay attention to the correct way, wary of poisoning.

crabs safe to eat about a lot

in addition to these three types of crabs eat susceptible to poisoning, but also has a lot of stress on the crab method. Han said that the advantages and disadvantages-crab if you do not chew or improper food combining, it can lead to food poisoning.

hairy four organs must be removed

Although crabs meat tender taste beauty, but its body is not all of parts are can edible, some some parts is no necessary eat of, as crab stomach (in crab shell within front Central like triangle of bone small package), and crab intestinal (that by crab stomach pass to crab umbilical of a article black), and crab heart (commonly known as six angle Board), and crab Gill (abdominal for eyebrows-like of two row soft of things). 4 organs, most bacteria and other harmful substances, eating must be removed.

six food and cannot eat with crab

in addition, when eating hairy crabs, also note and some food separately, and cannot be eaten. Han said that the crab cream and persimmon when eaten together. This is because persimmon tannin and other ingredients to make crab meat protein coagulation, that these material stay inside the intestinal fermentation corruption for a long time, may cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other reactions, so avoid eating hairy crabs and persimmon with food.

apart from persimmons, and also try not to eat hairy crabs and the following food consumption.

PEAR: due to the PEAR of cold, crabs are cold, and both with the food, hurt the stomach.

peanuts: peanuts for greasy, salty crab cold, toxic, Leng Li, both with the food can cause diarrhea.

Loach: Loach warming of drug, drug crab cold, and features just the opposite, with food not good for human health.

pomegranate: crab is rich in protein, pomegranates contain more tannin, both with the food reducing the original nutritional value of the protein.

Kiwi: Kiwi vitamin c with crabs containing pentavalent arsenic compounds, chemical reactions will produce a strong, long-term consumption can lead to cramps, nausea symptoms.

fever can not eat hairy crabs

for the crab population, not all people can eat crabs.

high cholesterol content in the crab, so children, pregnant women and people with certain diseases should not be too much to eat, such as fever, diarrhea, duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, hepatitis active period man.

cold crab meat, not eating too much. Deficient cold of spleen and stomach in particular, colds and cardiovascular patients, as well as susceptibility to allergies, eating crabs more moderation, do not eat.