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Crab taboo

Can't come with the following foods to eat hairy crabs:

crabs + pumpkin: with food poisoning

hairy + honey poisoning

hairy + Orange: Qi stagnation and phlegm

hairy + PEAR: injured stomach. PEAR sweet and slightly acid and cold, and the crab with the food. Hurt stomach.

hairy + tea: indigestion

hairy + Eggplant: abdominal pain

hairy + pomegranate: abdominal pain

hairy + tomatoes: diarrhea

hairy + persimmon: cold and diarrhea.   Persimmon, crabs are cold. Both with the food, cold injury of spleen and stomach, physical deficiency should avoid.  

hairy + peanut poisoning diarrhea. Peanut-flavored ganping, fat content of up to 45%. Cold greasy things good things are prone to cause diarrhea.

hairy + melon: diarrhea. Muskmelon-flavored sweet cold and slippery, and can remove retong, and crab with food, to the detriment of stomach, prone to cause diarrhea.  

hairy + drink: diarrhea. Ice water, ice cream and other cold items, to reduce stomach temperature. And crab with food, will cause diarrhea.

crab and sweet potato: condensed persimmon stone in the body;

hairy + sweet potato: stone

hairy + snail: urticaria

crab and eel   Loach, warming, and crab cold, and function, in contrast, so they should not be eaten.  

hairy + celery: effects of protein absorption, reduces their nutritional value. In addition, seafood don't mix beer.   Easily hurt the wind blows, it is best to drink liquor.