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Tips for winter let the crab is still fat

Winter let crab still plump of small tips: are said Lunar September eat mother crab, and October is eat public crab of when, but for decades years to I on love eat mother crab, can this season, was crab on than should quarter of fat again plus crab buy back if cannot immediately on do words, can in put crab of basin in put a eggs yellow, such as crab of when, on not appeared crab because shelved and became didn't meat or not fertilizer has. (Even though the overnight or place in a day or two is no problem, because crabs can eat egg yolk nutrition).

ingredients: crab (crab).

ingredients: Red vinegar, rice wine, ginger and salt.


1 peeled, fresh ginger, some large, some cut ginger.

2, in order to give the crabs get rid of smell, ginger pieces on the steamer.

3, slightly pickled crab with rice wine on your code on the steamer.

4, placed at the top after laying a piece of ginger.

5, SAIC and steam for 10 minutes on pan.

6, ginger red Zhejiang vinegar and add a little salt into a greasy fishy solution with vinegar sauce

who said at that time the crab doesn't taste good I am in is not bad, as long as you correct the winter crab is also a King. Saying especially fresh steamed crabs do not have a romp to steamed, steamed out of the porcelain crab is very real. Fresh meat is firm.