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The nutritional value of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs

According to the compendium of Materia Medica records: crab with Shu Jin Yi, gastric digestion, pass the Meridian, and the heat, Journal of the congestion effects. Crab meat is salty and cold, heat, blood stasis, nourishing Yin Gong, fractures, bruises, muscle injuries can be treated allergic dermatitis. Crab shell burnt ash, adjustable with honey, and topical cure Wasp stings or other wumingzhongdu. Crab meat has a good effect on all kinds of cancer. Also, is a natural tonic for children, regular consumption can add essential trace elements in the body of the child. &Nbsp;

yangcheng nutritious, contain a variety of vitamins, vitamin a is higher than other road upgrade aquatic animals, vitamin B2 are the meat of 5-6 times 6-10 times more than the fish, 2-3 times higher than eggs. Vitamin B1 and the phosphorus content of 6-10 times more fish than the average. Per 100 grams of edible crab sections containing protein 17.5 g, fat 2.8 g ' p 182 mg, calcium 126 mg/dl, 2.8 mg of iron. Crab shells in addition to rich in calcium, but also contains crab Flavin crab red, and so on.

crab feed not only dishes used for medicinal purposes is expressed. The Bencao Shiyi said: "its not, and blood. "Traditional Chinese medicine think crab cold salty, crab meat and heat, blood knot, such as cutting, renewal, Meridian and nourishing functions: detoxification, break its shell silt clearing accumulated pain.

modern research has found, contains a substance--the crab's shell chitin, chitin extracted from a substance called ACOS-6, it has a low toxicity of immune activation, animal experiments have confirmed that the substance inhibits the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells. Lu said: "eat crabs is very much admired for the first time, not the warrior who dared to eat it? "Terrible crab shape, clamp, and began to eat the crab people do need some courage. But you can say for sure, Chinese people are eating crab than earlier people. The rites contained "crab Xu", believed to be a crab sauce, visible for more than 2000 years ago, crab feast that is a food of our ancestors. Northern Wei Xie Qi min Yao Shu salted crabs are introduced "hidden crab method", a step improves the crab eating method. Later tortoise covered the history of crab, high Sun of the crab, monograph was off crab, Chinese people more knowledgeable of the crab.