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Yangcheng Lake legend

Sung, in which there is a Yang family. Father moving to be an official, his wife and son in weaving, farming, serve the elderly in the country. Now Yang's son, who was handsome and knows the book, grandparents, mother's honor.

one day, he took to the streets to buy food, a fisherman's hands, took a silver piece of Golden carp, sparkling, very nice, buy it, bring it home. Halfway, suddenly heard the woman cry. He looked around but no one was so strange. Then look down and see, carp basket tears, open mouth, as if to speak. So the guy said: "carp, carp, what do you worry about it! "I saw the CARP nodded, and said:" Xiang Gong, I got lost, broke into the Wusong River from the East China Sea, was caught by fishermen. Seeking public well let me go. My parents are gone I will worried to death. "Boys, whose parents don't love their children? Hold the carp, walk to the River, gently put it in the water. Only to hear, "Jean Marie Coulon" sound, a spray, carp swim in the water and disappeared. This carp is the embodiment of donghailongwang daughter. When she swam back underwater, parents never knew and heard there is such a good guy, very grateful.

marriage. Before long, someone to Yang to the young man's hand. Blind date that day, Yang family girl look pretty, are very happy, they agreed qinshi. After the boy and girl get married, very loving. But recently, wave processes. Working as a government official father was framed by the traitor suddenly lost his life, the emperor sent imperial troops arrived. Governors arrived, Yang was surrounded. Yang family was around, Don ' t know what to do. At this time, clever and virtuous wife calmly told her husband: "messire don't hurry there, we moved a home! "Yang family when she says stupid things, Wei soldiers outside, how to move home? She took a book from the trunk, people watching, and there has been no word on the book. This is a book without words, she is the Dragon Lady, for saving his life, married the son came to Earth with the family. Dragon care put the book on the Ridge, told the whole family sat inside the House, no matter what happens, don't panic, don't touch. Yang family no substitute, only trust her, resigned anyway, maybe a miracle will happen so that all family members dodged. A miracle occurred, and soon the House was slowly sinking. Until all the House sinks into the ground, only to hear "bang" a loud, blustery, the Thunder rolled, ground more than ten feet high black, lined with black Governors, officers and soldiers involved in the river.

rain, clouds lifted off, Blackwater has become green. Yang Shen became the Great Lakes, people call it Dr chenhu. Future generations to make mining and put on two homophones, called it the "yangcheng Lake".

that is the case, what has happened Yang Jia? Moved to Crystal Palace of the Dragon King. Yang still loving couple at Crystal Palace to live a happy life.