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Why do crabs walk sideways?

A. magnetic field that  

      crabs rely on to determine direction. In the long years after the formation of the Earth, magnetic north and South Poles have reversed several times. Geomagnetic pole reversals of many creatures at a loss, or even extinction. Crab is an ancient migratory animals, it directed the small magnet in the inner ear, is very sensitive to magnetic. Due to the Earth's magnetic field reversals, the crabs body small magnet lost its original orientation. In order to survive in the field reversal down, crab, "with" approach, simply does not move forward, not back, but sideways.

b. Biology

      crabs in the head and chest indistinguishable in appearance, which is called the cephalothorax. Full feet long on the side of the animal. First on claw feet, is both a tool for digging holes, but also defensive and offensive weapons. The remaining four pairs are used to walking, called step foot. Each foot is made up of seven joints only up and down. Most of the crab's width is greater than the length of the cephalothorax, so only one side of him crawling walking leg bent, grasp the ground with toes and feet extend out from the side step, when the toes reach the ground in the distance began to shrink when compared to the original curved walking leg soon stretched on the side, to the opposite side of the body. Since this is different to step foot in length, crabs are actually to the anterior lateral movement. However, not all crabs are rampant. For example, groups living in long beach watch soldier can run forward. Many lives on seaweed bed, spider crab, can climb vertically on the seaweed.

      answers why crabs is prevalent, seems to be offering a solution to some problem enlightenment in life. A life in the world, will face many changes don't take the person's will as to transfer, and the best ways to adapt to these changes is to adjust itself. Otherwise, the only creatures that are not adapted to the geomagnetic polarity reverse, resulting in "extinction" of the tragedy. In fact, life, and does not move forward, not back, but sideways, probably do not have a heaven and Earth. Perhaps others ridiculed the crab walk ugly, but who can deny that the crabs walk sideways will be faster.

c. through experiment found crab body of and limb connected of bone eye (muscle beam through of place), for each article limb are has upper and lower two a bone eye (that two beam muscle) and of connected. and its limb base Department joint bent direction is back abdominal direction, so dang muscle contraction Shi, will affects limb along back abdominal direction movement, so crab will horizontal movement.

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