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Crab monks came

Yangcheng Lake hairy crab with its unique delicious popular, as a cultural phenomenon, has infiltrated into the social life of the people. For many years, spread among many legends about the crab, autumn season, people have complex chrysanthemum, delicious. When cooked crabs served at the table, when the red crab shell, can always find a dark, soft thing. This is the "crab cactus." Because it looks like a monk, others call it a "crab monk".

        in yangcheng Lake region, about "crab monks" story, saying the "crab monk" was the monk's Monk.

        everyone knows the legend of the White Snake story, the beautiful lady in to the monk to collect her husband, to TALK BIG. Monk Monk, there is no way but to repression of white snake in the leifeng pagoda in. People in Hangzhou and Suzhou have aspects of white snake, news reached the emperor there, he quickly sent the Platinum star down and prosecuted.

        rate of the Platinum star of heaven, descend to catch the monk's Monk. Monk Monk quickly slip away, and fled to the yangcheng Lake side, found himself no way out. In desperation, see beaches of stone crab is molting, the body becomes soft, no resistance. He grabbed the opportunity immediately went from the crack the crab's shell, hiding in a crab shell did not move.

        However, the sea movements does not hide the Platinum star bad eyes. He is clearly seen in the clouds, to hide in the crab shell, monk said: "you made the wrong people, and intolerable. Could have a break you're killed, you have remorse, let you go today. From now on, you have to keep your nose clean, opened in cultivation in the crab shell! ”

        hiding in the crab shell Fahai groaned. But he has another way? Since then, he had all day long sitting cross-legged meditation in the crab shell, one aim practice.

        crab body flattened, color gray, footprints on the back there is a cow. It is said that the footprints, the cow is cow had made a long time ago.

        yangcheng people say, when dawn, Buffalo, crabs and toads live in the sky, and are very friendly to each other. One day, crab is playing in the Galaxy, meet the oncoming Toad. The toads tells it, rich opportunities. Due to the Galactic burst, flood the world, people have fled, leaving a lot of gold and silver, not quickly return to cash in. Crabs move the heart. It now or never, hurried along with Toad, rampage came to earth around get extra income, was full of windfalls. Is repair old cow to the milky way in the sky, they did not know.

        day, when cows are plowing, stumbled on crabs and toads. Their deep pockets, strut, originally in the room made a big profit. Old cow was furious, catch up on the back of one foot on the crab, called out: "do you have a conscience? Troubled waters! "Toad, covered in goose bumps came, hurried away. Crabs can escape, had to beg and the toad to a bad idea, to draw it down to fiscal disaster situation, returned to confess.

       Stella see, turned out to be bad Toad conscience, will bypass the crabs. But I didn't expect to, the foot too much of the old cattle not only the crab stepped on a flattened body, unable to stand, and from then on had to traverse, and crab shells on cattle also left a deep footprint.

       Toad, although there is no punishment by the cow, but break out in goose bumps all over but never faded away.