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Crabs the origin of the name

Yangcheng Lake crab why is commonly known as the "crab"?? Bao Xiaotian has written an article on the name of the hairy history when it comes to "Word crabs come from the mouth of Suzhou crab people. They eat crabs like to eat before Dinner, or ad hoc. So these sell crabs who always picked up in the afternoon, the street shouted: crab crab '' gate ''. "This" gate ", which sounds the same" fried ", eat crab cooked with water, that" deep fried crab ". Such an interpretation, there is no meaning.

there is another argument: one day, Wu Neshi's crab feast (NE SENAI Lake of sail article), Mr Zhang Weiyi, Kunshan and yangcheng Lake, began its advance. "Wu Neshi Suzhou caoqiao secondary school's founder, father Governor of Wu Dazheng corporations to Hunan in late Qing dynasty, when Liu Kunyi Legatus Pro praetore in the Sino-Japanese war, one of the three, are all famous ancient book collectors. Zhang Wei yi Wu Jia regulars. Gu Yanwu of the Shao Guoli manuscripts in the world, the loss of more than 200 years, is bought by Wu Shine, and Wang Songwen and Wu also found and Kunshan, generously accepted a gift back. This is a great event and become a much-told story in the book. Thing has happened Wu home set crab Banquet, party also also here, Bao Xiaotian for has about "crabs" name of explained: "gate Word good, where catching crab who, they in Harbour between, will set a gate, to bamboo into. night to across gate, reset a lights, crab see fire, that climbed bamboo gate, that in gate Shang one by one catching of, is convenient, of is gate crab of name by origin has. "The purported crab before using bamboo and straw built the gate and one side of the gate network, night lit lantern, lake crabs from traps, swimming towards the gate guard into the network, it is" crab ". Bamboo gate is bamboo Duan, Duan caught crabs are called gate on crab, big crab.