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Double Ninth Festival crab

Double Ninth Festival to eat crabs is a kind of folk customs. There is no doubt that the crab is not just ordinary food, and became a carrier of traditional culture, like Lantern eat glutinous rice balls, five in early May to eat dumplings, used to be an indispensable scenery of many places and people in the past.

        Lunar ninth day of September, called "Chong JIU" ancient "nine" for Yang, September ninth two met Yang, also known as "et". Double Ninth Festival is one of the oldest festivals, the day climbing, drinking, eating cake (cake and high homophonic), chrysanthemum, insert mg, one by one have meaning, give life to add a lot of fun.

        probably from the Tang dynasty, Chong added crab-eating:

        on September 9, (Don) in the Weihe River Pavilion, ascended the poem ... ... Shi Jinglong years also. An imperial order: "Tao ying, Fu make wine of pleasure; Bi Zhuo River, shall to the best of his life. (Modern poetry of the Wang Chang Ming on volume four of the Emperor)

        alcohol has alcohol new overheating, and not cream. (Song • Han Qi of the 9th Shui Ge)

        love when autumn comes: picking yellow flowers and dew, cooked purple with cream of crab, boil the wine burning leaves. Cup of life, several Festival? (Yuan·Ma Zhiyuan of the bi-tonal • night sailing)

        crab left and right holders of liquor, and today, Chong JIU; times when most of the year, Orange, green, Orange, Dongting. (Four seasons song Ming Tang Yin Jiangnan)

        Festival in chongyang, River NEN ginger. (• Zheng Xie of the fall of the Qing dynasty)

        et liangxiang wine bad blending crab taste, the most luscious. (Qing·fuchadun Chong Yen Ching Restaurant at the age of book)

        Yangzhou well I Cao Chong JIU. Co-star Chrysanthemum bridge counterparts, and Zhen Yi Mei ling ascended, buy wine night claw. (• Huang Dingming of the counties South of the Qing dynasty)

        in addition, Shaoxing, Zhejiang folk song: "September, Lake crab wine"; famous proverb: "September ninth eat climb" (commonly known as the climbing crab) ... ... Et crab information revealed. Special mention should be made, Cao Lin said in the dream of the Red Chamber "at the share pay Festival", said Xue Bao-Chai "Changan salivary hope et", according to the Qing dynasty, the double ninth Festival to eat crab is common, that crabs have become an integral part of the double ninth Festival foods.

        according to the record, particularly in the Qing dynasty and the Republic of China, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhu and Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, one to the ninth, the residents outside of their crab, also invited friends, scholars gathering, eating crab Chrysanthemum appreciation. Called "claws". Most interesting of is, past Yangtze River triangle town of store and workshop, master often in Festival night hosted clerk and labour, this meal dinner became "crab wine", "I Xiang Chong JIU of XI, Pu home buy wine stripping crab, to temple deity dianhuo" (clear • Pan Zongding Jinling age Shi remember "et temple deity dianhuo" article) "Purple crab actually a city empty, bought sound price heavy bronze; Dong Weng for advised dogwood wine, had is Ming night workers" (clear • Kong Qing镕 Yangzhou bamboo branch Word), Chong JIU of XI eat crab wine, into has supplement began of appointment, Become customary in some industries.

        why the Festival added a program to eat crabs? General assumption is ascending return, of course, fatigue and drink and eating crabs and chrysanthemum, and recover from fatigue, relax and happy happy again, draw a full stop to this very day. At this point, the flood season when crab, crab was good, eat crabs belonging to the natural thing to do, the subsequent over-emphasis on slowly, the dreary cargo. Deep speculation probably tengda Japanese psychology. Song·chenshi registered in the worship of the hidden man, volume III:

        Gu Su Shouchen into crab, Cheng Kui grass should be answered: "new Chrysanthemum day, although its timing. "Last day:" maodian jiuqi language, Wang Yan, Yes? "Chen Zangyi to be heard. His yuanbi State, saying: "Huang Tong, outside the Ge Jia awe-inspiring, the Qing chujiangruxiang, transverse image of the Huns. "Hyatt is on.

        where only "new Chrysanthemum day only time" is more crab intrinsic beauty, the exposed power, chujiangruxiang, transverse images. Chen Zangyi's answer, not only in line with the Li-Tsung mind, and also mentioned the potential feeling of crab is also a symbol of tengda Japanese food!

       1976 on October 6, the King (hongwen), (spring bridge), the River (green) and Yao (Wen) the "gang of four" was shattered, the crowd applauded. A few days later, that is, the double ninth Festival. That day, the people with the "gang of four", "autumn escape back red" ironic attitude, eat crab celebration. Hairs on my father Deng Xiaoping wrote:

        autumn in October, when crab fat yellow, the famous painter Huang Yongyu swipes painted a picture of the catch a crab to make the great achievements of Marshal Ye Jianying. As a result, catching crabs eat crab will immediately become a fashion. The people who buy crab, buy crabs drink for company, and were specified to buy "three male and one female" vent to the "gang of four" full of anger.

        to this, today we eat crabs in the Chung Yeung Festival, in addition to the traditional ish and elegance beyond psychological, adds a more celebration of the implication.

        holding River Chrysanthemum had et, traditional of et Festival content may occurred changes, like not plug dogwood, unprepared Jiang SAC, but drink wine eat crab tours Chrysanthemum is is ultimately of, which of eat crab injected Festival zhihou, makes this traditional festival became more vivid, and more taste, and more treat, and more glory has, has like July early seven eat fruits, August 15 eat cakes, as, Is the must-have features.