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Eating crab essential tools: crab eight

"The crabs eight" never-ending a crab at least half an hour, but were popular in high society.  Now there are many the pursuit of crowds of Chinese traditional culture, "crab eight" soon may become a fashion. Ming and Qing times, poets crab is the cultural enjoyment, chrysanthemum poetry when you eat crabs, are a set of special tools for all, Sue Shanghai-Hangzhou-commonly known as "crab eight pieces." According to relevant information, we know that people originally invented crab-eating utensils in the Ming dynasty named Cao, in order to eat crab and less trouble, eating easy and carefree, he created a hammer, knife, pliers three tools to deal with the hard shell of the crab, and later evolved into eight pieces. The crab-eating "eat" and "to eat", the so-called "." "Eating" is a pleasure to eat, "to eat" eating tools.

     crab-eating in Chinese history, the earliest dating back to the Western Zhou dynasty. From the rites and the Jin dynasty of the words recorded in the forest, there are 9,800 years history of the crab. Since ancient times, the crab-eating ya thing seems to be a great stress. As early as the Ming dynasty, craftsmen created a set of   delicate crab-eating tools. According to the food guide of the exam to eat in the Ming dynasty records, Ming startup of crab-eating tools hammers, forging, tongs, spatula, spoon, fork, scrape, pin 8, translation into modern Chinese square, small waist round hammer, tweezers, long axes, spoons fork, long handle, Blade, PIN. It is called "crab eight pieces." From the early years of the Ming dynasty to the Republic of China, on this basis, to the crab three (Ding, sign, hammer), four, six, eight, ten, 12, back to the heyday of up a crab tools up to 64. The crab-eating tools are generally made with copper, ornate silver production. Because as far as toughness, hardness of gold is valuable but not silver, and copper are easy to contaminate food, so arguably, superior "crab eight" should also be made of silver. Its process is extremely delicate, scraper shaped a bit like a sword, keys with something like Wen Fangzhong water jar. Sir holding crab meat using a tripod. These crab-eating tool, and is equipped with a circular or Lotus leaf-shaped plates, there are three sculpted like a dragon under foot.

     crab eight pieces, including a small square table, waist and rounded hammers, long handled axe fork, long handle, round-ended scissors, tweezers, soldering, small spoons, mat, knock, split respectively, fork, shears, folders, tick, filled and many other features, beautiful, lustrous, exquisite, easy to use. Crab cooking cooked has end Shang table, steaming of, eat crab people put crab put in small square Shang, with round head scissors one by one cut Xia two only big river and eight only crab feet, will waist round hammer on with crab shell around gently beat a circle, again to long handle axe split back shell and navel, zhihou took soldering, and tweezers, and fork, and hammer, or tick or clip or fork or knock, out Golden glossy of crab or white rubber stick of crab cream, out white fresh of crab meat, a pieces tool of turns using, a function alternating play, seems is played a first Cadence of food song. Use a small spoon to scoop into the dip, eat up crab shell when it was such a happy fairy, the flavor is infinite. On the crabs eight pieces, making Suzhou yangcheng Lake hairy crabs to eat clean.