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Origin of the crabs

Fall to Earth plants open. In the Aquarium's "family tourism" crab was the most mature period. A year after the autumnal Equinox, the Northwest, live in the rivers and Lakes of river crabs, gonads mature into adolescence, cruising along the freshwater flow to East, and estuarine shallow sea "destination weddings", celebrating a honeymoon, and reproduce. In early summer of the following year, crab on the back River, entering the fresh water "settle down", through a series of molting, and grow to maturity. Crab this migratory reproductive habits, makes its life away living life while traveling.

crab body wrap coat with white claw angle arms, traverse the rivers and lakes, making some shrimp as well as daunting and ran away. Since human ancestors ate crabs, after discovering it is the best seafood cuisine in long-term practice, gradually find out crab reproduction of migratory law has long mastered the crab's flood season. Many crab sayings handed down, catching crabs and crab-eating experience.   "Dew of the feet, Frost caught. " " Zephyr rings, crab legs itch. "The notes mature crab, migratory breeding crab season has arrived. "Nine male 10 female" Lunar "September female crab October tip" said September respectively female crab eggs, yellow-cream rich October male gonad of the best, most beautiful, Huang Baixian fertilizer. This period coincided with Chela Chrysanthemum best crab-eating season. "The State of winter, without casting a shadow. "Description of the cold weather, and" travel "to" bury the mud "hibernate. However, if the weather is warm, good growth environment,  "before snow, heel heel" so you can still catch crab, until deepest winter. Human grasp crabs activities rule of life, start artificial stocking. Late spring and early summer, liuhe from the Yangtze River into the sea, or along the North Jiangsu hongze Lake, fishing for crabs shipped to freshwater areas stocked. Environment, climate and stocked with crab, is closely related to flood period duration and yield, variation, decided to harvest.

past and there is a "shortage of shrimp and crab" proverb, to speculate that year times. Shrimp, lean years; crab and troubled times. However, after artificial stocking crab, increase in production year after year, yangcheng lake crabs, especially increased yearly high, social stability and unity, people's lives improved, effectively overturned "old saying". When Chela chrysanthemum, as suggestive of a crab taste, perhaps even more delicious.

yangcheng Lake crab, which has always been known as the Crown of the crab. The yangcheng Lake ecological environment-related. Hundred miles radius of the waters, ocean waves, Qing Chun as a mirror of water quality, water shallow hard, foothills, and extended broad climate pattern is crab settlement growth best of Crystal Palace. Therefore, the yangcheng Lake crab's shape and fleshy, the crab clan, big difference. Form has four features: a is green back, crab shell into green mud color, smooth and has gloss; II is white belly, posted mud of umbilical abdominal chitin, Crystal white, no ink color spots; three is yellow hair, crab leg of hair long and is yellow, root root straight; four is gold claw, crab claw Golden, solid powerful, put in glass Shang, eight foot stand, double River vacated, umbilical back uplift, majestic. Fleshy fat and tender and delicious, and other good food after eating food dishes, and tasteless. Just several kilometers from yangcheng Lake Zhen Zhi Cheng Lake, lake crabs yield much, but under the influence of the tides, not white belly, blackish, and yangcheng lake crabs, meat is far less tasty. Lake crabs of the same realm, cannot be compared to the rest of the crab, and more are greatly inferior. Therefore, the yangcheng lake crabs long enjoyed abroad, known as "Chinese Gold velvet crabs."

yangcheng Lake crab why is commonly known as the "crab"? Bao Xiaotian has written an article on the name of the hairy history when it comes to "crab" words from the mouth of Suzhou crab people. They eat crabs like to eat before Dinner, or ad hoc. So these sell crabs who always picked up in the afternoon, street and shouted: "do crab crab." This "gate", which sounds the same "fried", eat crab cooked with water, that "deep fried crab". Such an interpretation, there is no meaning. His "day at Wu Neshi's crab feast (NE SENAI Lake of sail article), Mr Zhang Weiyi, Kunshan and yangcheng Lake, began its advance. ”

Wu Neshi Suzhou caoqiao secondary school's founder, father Governor of Wu Dazheng corporations to Hunan in late Qing dynasty, when Liu Kunyi Legatus Pro praetore in the Sino-Japanese war, one of the three, are all famous ancient book collectors.

Zhang Weiyi was also friends with Wang Songwen and Wu Neshi, Wu Jia regulars. Gu Yanwu of the Shao Guoli manuscripts in the world, the loss of more than 200 years, is bought by Wu Shine, and Wang Songwen and Wu also found and Kunshan, generously accepted a gift back. This is a great event and become a much-told story in the book. Wu Jia set crab feast, it so happened, also present, Bao Xiaotian on "crab" interpretation of the name: "do good, crab, they harbour, will set up a sluice, wove bamboo. Night comes across the gate, reset the lights, crabs see the flames, climb the bamboo gate, one by one to catch on the gate. Very convenient, is the origin of the name of sluice crab. "Bamboo gate is bamboo Duan, Duan caught crabs are called gate crabs, and large is called crabs.