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Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs

Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs
Produced in the Palestinian town of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, since ancient times, it has made a reputation for Supreme, was hailed as "King of crabs." Zhang's wife, Tang Guoli has poem goes: "not the yangcheng crabs taste better life why live in Suzhou".

(1) rear white belly, yellow gold claw

yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are known for their green back, white belly and golden claws yellow hair, crab is known for its thick, sweet taste. Male crab crab white as jade, female crab crab is thick and bright orange yellow.

(2) the growing environment

delicious yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, closely related with the yangcheng Lake ecological environment. Li foothills, Lake area, lake-bottom hard gravel, yangcheng lake crabs, acquired a strong powerful claws and can quickly crawling on the slippery slope of glass.

(3) Lake-best

although belonging to the same Lake, East lake crabs are significantly better than in the Lake and West Lake. Yangcheng Lake and the mouth of the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River water into East Lake, West Lake, water from Yangtze estuary migratory crab only able-bodied persons to stay in the Lake.

(4) the crab recipe

2.5 per cent of females and more than 3.5 per cent of the male crab boiled, steamed, smaller individuals of the battering, but wine makes for a better. Authentic yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, with strands of sweet crab meat. Index finger smell after eating his own hands, must be more than fishy aroma.

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