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Taihu lake crabs

Taihu lake crabs
Tang dynasty poet Lu guimeng eats Taihu crabs wrote poems of the fishing gear, loose Tong Pak Fu eats Taihu crabs drew of the crab ... ... Poets in history, eating crabs in Taihu Lake eat a lot of poetry and painting handed down.

(1) a weight

hairy crabs in Taihu Lake a big weight, female crabs each more than 32, the big male crabs, $ 62. Crab shell black and shiny, with a yellowish, oily to the touch, very smooth.

(2) the growing environment

culture of hairy crabs in Taihu lake water source water for the national class, not only meet the aquaculture water quality standards, and meet the drinking water standards, which less and less hairy crab aquaculture.

(3) crab recipe

crab breeding migration characteristics of Taihu Lake, at the junction of rivers and reproduction, finishing in freshwater. Taihu lake crabs are cooked when special yellow crab shell, float a layer of oil on the water, eating does not need dressing, tasted very fresh and delicious.