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Hongze lake crabs

Hongze lake crabs
Lake hongze "scooping up to drink" pure water and full of liquid water, and is known since ancient times of hongze lake crabs become more robust, grown health taste delicious. In 2009, with the "visiting" the United States printed on the back of the White House, the "h" mark events, came onto the stage from behind again, has attracted the attention gourmets.

(1) environment

Lake hongze Lake is suspended, hard soil at the end of the Lake, clear lake, Lake Reed Artemisia ordosica seedlings and the grass lush, crabs from water in between.

(2) crab recipe

compared with other crabs, less of hongze lake water in these, in addition to outside the habitual eating steamed, boiled, hongze lake crabs are often used to make fried crab, crab.