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Baoying lake crabs

Baoying lake crabs
Baoying Lake clear, baoying Lake crab, cream, lots of oil and a strong flavor, tender and sweet. A year after the Chung Yeung Festival, in sales million pounds or more across the country.

(1) environment

baoying Lake Green Green, ecological superiority, 36 green "threshold" ensure ecological water environment.

(2) crab story

In Huaiyang items history Shang, baoying of Chef are created has "full crab Banquet": crab tofu, and crab yellow package, and in the Fort type crab, and batter crab tablets, and crab fine points, and gold wisp of male and female crab, and tender ginger vinegar grilled crab, and crab meat yolk cake, and chicken soup crab surface, and black pepper crab, and incense spicy crab, and butter garlic Yung crab, and Ginger vinegar steam crab, and ginger onion crab, and Red cream soy crab, and Curry crab, and crab gaishala, near 20 road.