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Netherlands Chinese hairy crabs

Netherlands Chinese hairy crabs
Crab is a crab species unique to China, but in more than 100 years, "smuggling of migrants" went to Europe, the Netherlands, and Germany and the United Kingdom's rivers.

(1) the migration history

as early as the late Qing dynasty from around 1910, between Chinese and European merchant vessels were mostly wooden structure. In order to increase the stability of the ship, must be filled with ballast water in the storage bin, the crabs in the Yangtze River egg, crab, is pumped to the storage barn. Ship to Europe, ballast water, along with crab eggs, crabs were released into the local river.

(2) the growing environment

century, Europeans too hairy hard chitin looks ferocious, completely caught interest in eating. Crabs in Europe has always been a pure mate, now the larger, long legs, dark brown Thoroughbred crab in China itself have been rare.

(3) food "sea turtles crabs"

since 2003, European experts and businessmen started to crab or crab back to China, crabs like a "returnee". Netherlands wild hairy crabs huge, male crab can reach one and a half pounds, eat a golden period in the lunar calendar May or June to fill the gaps in the off-season for crab.

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