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Yangcheng Lake preservation method

Save method:

       If the crabs you buy in small quantities, in the course of three days or so after eating, saving is relatively simple, you can use the refrigerator. Choose vitality of the crabs, reducing crab crab legs to physical exertion, and put in the refrigerator freezer temperature 5-7 degrees, cover with a damp towel and save.

       Save method two:

       If the number of crabs you buy more to prepare a 30-50 cm high plastic bucket/Bowl, selected vitality of the crabs, into the crab, not cascade; then add water to half of the crabs body high, main is moisturizing, all crabs cannot be buried. Because you are less likely to have oxygen equipment, if the water is too deep anoxic hairy crabs suffocate. B/no cover, use this method to save the crabs, the temperature is not high when crabs preserved for more than 5 days.

       Save method:

       If the purchased number of crabs, are within a short time will be unlimited, best way to save is the bathtub his holding pool, let out for the crab to enjoy. Because the tub walls smooth, hairy crab couldn't escape. Gently pour the crabs in the bathtub, water just buried crab, hairy eight-legged stand allows the surface to breathe, and according to the storage time and quantities on small amounts of small fish and shrimps, store hairy crabs in this way and can be more than 7 days or longer, good quality crab storage survival rates of up to 95% per cent.

       Note: save the above methods require daily hairy crabs, crabs eat in time lack of vitality. Differentiated approach: gently touching the crab's eyes, is insensitive if I eat first.  


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