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Do you know? Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have two varieties

Lotus Island due to Suzhou yangcheng Lake hairy crabs and homicides of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs is the difference, that is authentic yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have two, you know the difference? &Nbsp;

, one of the differences between the external differences: yangcheng Lake hairy crabs comes with a certificate of differences: yangcheng Lake region belonging to different administrative regions, the industry association has two: one is the Suzhou yangcheng Lake crab Association is another bacheng town, Kunshan yangcheng Lake crab Association. Farmers under the Association of the two as separate issuance of authentic yangcheng ID card anti-counterfeiting ring-authentic yangcheng Lake hairy crabs each crab has a unique encoded certificate, comes with a certificate of the yangcheng Lake hairy crabs also has two. Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs security certificates, one of it's external distinction.

d bis, inherent differences: dongxihu crab leg muscles: the eating homicides and yangcheng Lake hairy crabs crabs know Lotus Island, Lotus Island crabs are the most real taste than non-homicides. Lotus island is ideally located at yangcheng Lake Central, which belongs to the yangcheng lake water quality, flow the best of the lot (homicides belong to the yangcheng Lake along Lake). Lotus crab leg muscles than any other place on the island of crabs are much higher, so meat is tight, resilient, nature's finest. East Lake) Suzhou yangcheng Lake hairy crabs can crawl on the smooth glass surface, (the West Lake) homicides yangcheng Lake hairy crabs can crawl in the same glass and crawling on the glass that can be tilted at 45 degrees!