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Of the country's most expensive 11 species of crabs

1.  yangcheng Lake hairy crabs: the Suzhou yangcheng Lake crab produced in Jiangsu, is a well-known Chinese famous both at home and abroad. Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, a general fertilizer, 3 weighing 500 grams, only 250 grams or more, the largest up to 500 grams, green back, white belly claws yellow gold hair, ten limbs strong and vigorous, full with crab meat, rich in nutrition. Since ancient times, the yangcheng Lake hairy crabs even if countless Diners by storm. Zhang's wife, Tang Guoli poem goes: "not yangcheng crabs taste good life why live in Suzhou!"

2.  Tianjin purple crab: this is a kind of Chinese crab, it is small, only a coat size. Open crab, purple crab pork liver, cooked into Orange, taste very delicious. Purple crab come in cold and windy winter, therefore, it is often used to fire pot.

laizhou, 3.  crab: crab is a famous specialty of Ye County. Shandong laizhou 3 bulge on the back of the crab, the front edge each have 9-tooth, the last teeth, extra long, resembling the shuttle, it is commonly known as "portunus trituberculatus." Female maximum weight of 0.75 kg. Female crab egg masses, the male crab grease, snow white and tender muscles in the claws and crab meat on the hind legs, tastes even more delicious.

4.  South Lake crab: crab produced in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, Kerry and the Lake zone, renowned for their individual mast, succulent and well known. Lake crabs here, are relying on the natural reproduction of the past, to capture in the flood season each year listed. Artificial propagation and stocking has now begun, and obtained certain results.

5.  Yan ting Jiang crab: this crab is inflammatory, Pingyang County, Zhejiang Pavilion's famous seafood, are renowned for their taste and renowned domestic and foreign markets. Here the river crab, yield, good quality and weighing 250 grams to 300 grams, with more than 500 grams, and body fat.

6.  Chaoshan red crab: crab crab in Chaoshan, named Scylla serrata, Chaoshan of Guangdong famous for seafood. Crab is the female crab ovaries the plumpest; fertilized ovary not so full of females say "mother": a slightly fuller called "crab" and the male crabs fried with, and unfertilized female crab called "crab". Breed good crab legs thick meat, cream fat, after steaming, delicious exception, have a high nutritional value.

7.  weishan Lake crab: crabs in Shandong traditional food, there are more than 200 years of history. The crab was fresh from weishan lake crabs and many spices refined form. Stains good crab, still vivid, color, shape, such as live crabs. White crab meat, crab red, delicious exception, are the winter feast of treasures.

8. -crab: crab as a traditional staple of Jiangsu Xinghua County, has a long history. First made this crabs and do best in Xinghua County Bao Zhuang, known as "crab". The crab, the color of fresh crab, in the dish, vivid local folk make a crab a lot, specialized production tank immersion method, material selection, dip, dry, fluff, filling material, cylinders, packing, sealing and other processes. Known as the "Lushan gone empty eyes", and "do not eat crab empty belly."

9.  tunxi crab: crab is a famous local product in tunxi area in Anhui Province, has a history of more than 140 years. Tunxi crab individual integrity, yellow in the color green, tender, taste very delicious, wine is rich, sweet, party treasures. Seal crab, save for two months without spoiling.

10.  Zhi Liao crab: crab produced in Guangdong's Wuchuan County Wu Yang Xiang Zhi Liao village, for crabs in the top grade, renowned at home and abroad. Zhi Liao crab is famous, mainly because the crab's meat is very delicious, and a unique "angle plaster". Autumn crab, not only looks fat, grow under the crust with a layer of soft shell, crab meat and crab roe not only delicious, that layer soft shell because the hot entrance, a hundred can always eat.

Liaoning xingcheng 11.  blue crab: crab flesh white, tender meat, cream creamy, delicious, is the top grade of crab.