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Crab paste not more how crab is good?

How the crab is good crab? More crab crab OK? &Nbsp;

crab culture festival organized by the Shanghai Ocean University, Professor at Shanghai Ocean University aquaculture specialist Wang Wu to clear up doubts.

grabbed the "calculation, see, pinched, weighed and ratio," "choose crab Zi Jue", elected more crabs in the market.

"count" is a season. Lunar calendar in September, after the dew of female crabs full, full with crab roe; lunar calendar in October, before and after the winter, the male crab sturdy, fat, meaty and sweet. "Seeing" is to look at the body color. Color of crab chitin and its living environment are unified. Crab grass-green or blue-green back, abdominal magnetic white, rust-free, its living plants in the Great Lakes, for the top grade; crab back color black, abdomen black, no grass, that it lives in the pond, for the poor crab.

"pinch" is a pinch crab legs, crab legs hard and strong, said crabs have made great strides, otherwise not.

"OK" is a fixed weight, individuals of the same size, weight loss real, full; Ethereal, yet Cheung.

"bi", the breastplate was the first back-end and the width of the gap between the ventral cord, the width of the fatness high, gonadal development.

"" that means crab belly side up, crabs can flip quickly crawling on its flexible response, strong Constitution.

crab paste not more

many fish stalls in the market with "hard yellow paste" as a promotional selling of crab. In fact, crab paste not the better.

Professor Wang Wu first correct the "ROE is the gonad of female crabs, crab is male gonads" this myth. In fact, is called the crab hepatopancreas of the crab, cooked brown pulp quality; gonads known as crab is a crab, in which the female crab crab cooked Orange, a massive hard; the male crab cooked cream, gum, sticky.

in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, crab in the summer called "June Wong" gonadal Agenesis of the crab, the body sees a lot of crab and not crab. In September when the water temperature drops, crabs begin maturation molt, gonad development gradually in the body. Crab roe and gradually narrow, crab paste gradually increased. When at about half and half with crab roe and crab, replete with color, fragrance, fresh, soft, are the best season for crabs. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and female crabs in this phase of the lunar calendar in September; development of male gonads night a month, this phase of the lunar calendar in October, so the crab "nine female and 10 male" stress.

with further development of gonads, early in the following year, gonadal development in the body of crab, crab with pleural effusion, and crab is very small in size, this crab has lost its flavor. Especially the female crabs, whose eggs can be distinguished, chewing and tasteless, and gritty feel, commonly known as "Sandy", quality has dropped dramatically. Therefore, more crab crab is not delicious.