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First basket crabs into children's village

First basket crabs into children's village

morning news (reporter   Sun Tao  ) has never seen a crab's child, see crab "Bully" will be the expression? Surprised, scared, screaming, these are not enough to describe the various expressions of the children in the SOS Children's village in Beijing. Yesterday, the first basket from the water of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs after 5 hours of "fly", was sent to the SOS Children's village in Beijing.

yesterday, the children's village every family loving mother doing the same dish – yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, steamed. 12 Sun Siyu is the big sister of the children's village, her memories of the crab is still a few years ago. "Eat one anyway. Crab is to open door to eat, right? "At the first grade of elementary school Jiang Hua traverse back and forth see crabs on the table, he excitedly around the around the table," down crab will die? They are cooked will hurt? "In" Luo BEng BEng "sound of chewing, children covered with crab roe, crab oil hand smack smack.

SOS Children's village chief, Beijing Jin Linde said: "people say gate yangcheng lake crabs is Suzhou the first delicious, did not expect is that first basket of crabs this year also gave the children and let them early adopters, not really thinking. ”


pregnant women must not eat crabs  

experts advise, crab meat is delicious eating well has always, be sure to pay attention to some taboos.

experts told reporters that pregnant women must not eat crabs, or likely to cause miscarriage. Crabs crab claw in particular circulation to end stasis, swelling effect, pregnant women eat blood flow more smoothly, easily lead to fetal movement also cause miscarriage. In addition, stroke, hepatitis, liver disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and people allergic to crabs to eat crab, gastroenteritis patients with cough and colds not yet cured the patient should not eat crabs.

crabs don't drink tea for 1 hour before and after, don't eat watermelon, pears and peanut foods often cause allergic reactions. Eating crabs, and not with sweet potatoes, honey, oranges, pomegranates, tomatoes, celery, cantaloupe, snails, rabbit, Herba schizonepetae with food. Also, put some boiling crab is the best ginger to alleviate the cold.