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In autumn to prevent crab deaths

In autumn, breeding crabs into maturity and harvest season, and into the extreme stages of death. If we do not pay attention to strengthening management  , and crab mass deaths may be causing significant losses. How to prevent fall of crab die? This from the following three aspects:  

(a) natural death-proof: as the saying goes: "West wind, crab legs itch", every year in September-November, had grown up two years of Chinese Mitten Crab from "yellow crab" shell into a "green" gonad maturation into the last period of his life. "Itchy feet" the crab, for gonad maturation, body osmolality, cannot adapt to low osmolality of freshwater environments, the crab must escape to find the new environment, most eventually died of natural causes. These crabs should be promptly arrested for sale, avoid the natural death and loss of economic value.  

(b) prevent indigestion death: when autumn rolls around, big temperature difference between day and night, changes in air pressure, water temperature also increase, crab's appetite vary, and suffer from indigestion and died. It is usually said, "death", all serious may result in death. Prevention methods include: improving water quality regularly disinfected with lime water; foods regularly and antibiotic and growth hormone, don't feed or feed the plant less feed; fed to do timing and quantity. When water temperatures drop to a corresponding reduction in feeding.  

(c) preventing "flu" killed: autumn, day and night temperature, the temperature difference, and sometimes even a difference of 10 degrees, crabs are not used, easy "cold" and cause breathing difficulties and death. The precautionary approach is: pay attention to adjust the water level to prevent drastic changes in temperature; new water temperature is not greater than 3 ℃; How long the surface covered with water hyacinth, water, peanuts and other plants, but coverage cannot be greater than the surface of the 1/2; to deepen the water level when the weather changes.

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