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Gossip hairy crabs

Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are crabs that can be hailed as the best quality, and the role of the two inseparable.

one is one of the four famous doctors in Beijing of the early years of the Republic of Shi Jinmo, is a crab of the people. His autumn necessary medical practice in the South once a year, "ulterior motives", he is the pretext of practicing medicine to eat crabs. He on crab of insight is deep, put around of crab is divided into six,: first is Lake crab, yangcheng Lake, and jiaxing Lake of is level, shaobei Lake, and gaoyou Lake of is two level; II, is River crab, Wuhu of a level, Jiujiang of two level; three, is crab, qingshuihe of a level, muddy waters river of two level; following is four, Brook crab, five, ditch crab, six, crab. Yangcheng lake crabs rows at the first level, of course, is "champion".

another is Mr Zhang's wife, Tang Guoli, the poem reads: "not yangcheng lake crabs good life why live in Suzhou".

noise of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs in the world, except for two crab man in hot pursuit of information, but there are secrets that cannot be copied. In order to inquire about the secret, I in yangcheng Lake on the workshop Center in the boat, enjoy a "right handed Cup left-handed crab's, swim wine vessel, will also" mood.

Chela sealed tender both jade and shell protruding red resin block. " The unique taste of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, is given to the location and natural conditions. First, the yangcheng lake crabs in the Yangtze estuary is closest to estuaries on the migratory route of a Lake, only 1.5-2 meters deep, clear water, lush, large surface, unique natural conditions. Second, the lake water rich, not only provides abundant food for crabs, abdominal carapace they polished white Crystal; and induration of the lake bottom mud crabs provide a good ground, in consolidated sand lake crabs exercise at the end of four-legged strong meat is also more flexible, sweet taste. Therefore, the yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have a "crab King" reputation. Now, with the rapid development of the crab industry, yangcheng outshines the pattern, is quietly changing secrets of yangcheng Lake, has evolved into the culture of quality crab "yangcheng Lake ecological conditions."