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Taihu Wetland Park and put "crab feast"

During the new year's day, Suzhou Taihu Lake National Wetland Park launched "I'm crazy for crab--2012 Suzhou Taihu wetland crab feast month" activities, 3 days to attract thousands of tourists. &Nbsp;

it is reported that after a month or so "closed practice",  the new year's first day Park in the Suzhou Pavilion a new look to welcome visitors, showing a more authentic Suzhou Museum. "The crabs are big here, eco-vegetables very fresh, just buy a home as a new year. "Aunt Wang visiting the Taihu Lake national wetland park to see the pandas, just in time for" crab gourmet month "activities, not only the taste of the meat is tender and delicious crabs, take home fresh ecological vegetables.

because two days before new year's day weather, leisure and tourists happily meet the Panda sisters, while playing football, while playing the tire, tired sat down to eat bamboo, to watch the public called "feast."