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Chongming old crab

Chongming old hairy crab, originally known as the Chinese Mitten Crab, because of its two large claws on the cashmere wool, Chongming would call it "old crabs."

major rivers and lakes in the world, there are more than 300 species of crab, of which about London-based staff of the edible species, and several of the most prestigious in China   Chinese mitten crabs. Chinese Mitten Crab is the most prestigious in baiyangdian shengfang crab water, yangcheng lake crabs and Chongming of old crabs. Shengfang crab crab and water, because of its big, hard shell, the color green and the people favor, however, the meat is thick loose and less sweet. Old crab unique flavor of Chongming, which is a small, thin shell, fine quality and flavour, the female crab foot, the male crab fat, more popular, well-known at home and abroad.

old crab so we have this characteristic of Chongming, mainly due to the parent crab breeding crabs, born in Chongming island of Yangtze estuary waters. Crabs with the tide into the island's inland waters, in addition to reduction in water salinity, and other restricted by pass flood of the Yangtze River, and the water quality in the Yangtze estuary close. Water quality of the Yangtze River are rich in many nutrients and plankton, crab can meet the growing need, make their muscles tight and not loose. Island breeding snails, mussels and benthic organisms, the crab flavor of natural animal feed, for the growth of crab with good ecological environment, makes meat is extremely tender, this is Chongming old crabs than shengfang crab crab and water's natural advantages.

Chongming old hair crab is delicious, but also have note eat method, to do "three to": a is to Gill, Gill is located in shell within back sides, is white, has large germs parasitic, and sex cold, should not be edible; II is to stomach, for stomach within residues animal body not Digest of plant debris, three is to intestinal, intestinal within also has digest process in the not discharge body outside of stool.

outside eating there are many besides steamed crab. Also can be made into many dishes such as stewed crab roe and crab meat lion head Apple sand, one with crab roe, crab soup, and so on, are color, flavor and good quality food. In addition, although the crab a few people dare not eat, but most are very loved, served as buffets. Chongming old hairy crabs, nutrient-rich, crab meat contains protein, 14 grams per hundred grams, fat 5.9 g, 5,960 international units of vitamin, calcium 129 mg and 145 mg of phosphorus, iron 13 mg, riboflavin 0.71 mg 139,000 calories, is the aquatic treasures.