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Shanghai crab feast – Wang Baohe

Crab is widely distributed in China, according to the statistics, from Liaoning to the coastal provinces of Fujian, tonghai rivers, such as the Yalu River, liaohe River, the luanhe River, big river, White River, the Yellow River, Yangtze River, Huangpu River, around the lower reaches of Qiantang River, minjiang River, yongjiang River, is a paradise for the crab. But for the people of Shanghai, the most important made in yangcheng Lake hairy crab. Yangcheng lake water quality, lush, rich in plankton, gentle slope on the bottom of the Lake, fine and clean sand and gravel pits, and crabs during growing enough food also keeps crawling, to promote the development of chitin and muscle and belly grinding and scrubbed of dirt at the end of the net. &Nbsp;

in old Shanghai crab, is a kind of fashion, old customers to pull crab legs, the preferred Wang Baohe. The late newspaperman Zhou Shao had recalled in the article, at Shanghai in the media and publishing industry is concentrated in the four roads area, reporter and editor on the road after work rush four restaurant, hot pot of yellow rice wine and selected metal cage cross crawling crabs, order the bartender that is cooked feast. Having another home, finally, Vang Pao and sit down, because Wang Baohe crab and rice wine are the most reasonable.

according to the industry's old master said, Wang Baohe tradition is unchanged for decades, annually sent an experienced veteran in the homicides of Kunshan yangcheng Lake Sentinel base in a rigorous selection process. The crabs here are "grown" and not catch came from the Yangtze River or the river and Creek to participate in "short course". Vang Pao and pick crabs from the outside has four major characteristics: one is the green back, crab shells into the black mud-colored, smooth and glossy (different from other lake crabs grey, Clay colored), cooked shell after a bright red color. Second, white belly, belly button put mud shell glistening white ink spot-free, glossy white, gives bright jade-like beauty of water (unlike the other lakes crab belly grey or gray). Third, yellow hair, crab legs, with long hair and fresh yellow stick upright (other lakes crab dirt, dirt). Four golden claws, crab claws on the tip of a tobacco-like gold, two stings octopus meat is strong, powerful, resting on the glass plate eight-legged stand, two stings is lifted up, Zhao zilong in the Nagasaka slopes of technically advanced power. Also possible to climb, and spit foam sound also excellent singers in Taiwan accent. According to the master said, the real yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, eat crab meat was a little salty, slightly sweet aftertaste, this is fake there is no flavor.

Wang Baohe dip made of crab dip is also a high stress, can reveal some here, it put the vinegar than sugar, but sugar. Is said to be rock candy, sauces tasted fresh.

Shanghai people's passion for hairy crabs, even in difficult times did not decrease. Reform of early, economic conditions slightly improved, Shanghai people first on will can eat a meal crabs depending on for life greatly upgrade of logo, 70 generation late, each only 42 of crabs price only but several angle money, blink price soared, to has 80 generation Shang half period, shot to each pounds dozens of Yuan, to has 90 early, authentic or known as from yangcheng Lake of crabs price five hundred or six hundred Yuan a pounds has, equivalent to General workers of one months wage, consumption subject is township enterprises, and State-owned large enterprises and enjoy the two-track system of high profits. Thus, crabs economy started confidently, yangcheng Lake surrounded by blowing the Horn of the aquaculture, tranquil lake was cut to carve up. After the application of new technology in science-crab, crab quickly grow in the Lake. After sufficient market supply, crab prices fall at the right time, or with the replacement of new year, crab prices every year with little fluctuation. Local crabs also have a response, have come to the side of yangcheng Lake, waiting for the water massage. Later again, crab stick words listed, wearing rings, each have Internet access can check a number, but counterfeit yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are to convict economy boasts Chinese hairy crabs.

from the beginning of autumn, the annual good times began, Wang Baohe seats must be booked three days in advance of weekend Japanese directly flew in from Tokyo, dragging luggage excitedly came from airport to eat crab, male and sleep one night and then fly back to Japan. That year, famous Takarazuka troupe touring Shanghai, prior request rooms at Central Hotel, is its proximity to the crab. That class for arts, refuses to marry the older girls in order to slim, eat hairy crabs to momentum, was not lost a man.