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The rich cultural heritage of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs share

If a product is associated with certain cultural, then it will have a long-term and stable market, especially seasonal, traditional foods such as moon cakes, the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, dumplings gnocchi, island of silver xenocypris fish and so on, China, and, as in other countries, Japan's eel, fish, Korea, dog meat and potatoes, and so on. Crabs are a traditional Chinese characteristics in cultural heritage with seasonal seafood buffets.

crab culture visit. Autumn Grand things to eat crab, red crab, white grease, white and delicate crab meat among color, aroma and taste, but also the one above. "Autumn, crab legs itch" when Chela chrysanthemum, which is not good in the fall and winter seasons a makes us nostalgic scenery?!

"the more Pu yellow orange and tender, Wu xichun purple crab fat" (du), "mountain warming has no folds, Chiang was a unique crab" (LU), "the crab claw beauty Wu Chunzi Xie Fei" (Ning Jingwen), "abdominal sterling qualities, two River Autumn Moon River" (Huang Shan-gu). Autumn winds send a chill, osmanthus fragrance, poetic, endless fun through ancient and modern poets and poetry articles, we find crabs and a full traditional Chinese culture: the farming life of affluence and ease.

Shanghai is based around the southern culture and is compatible with traditional and blend of modern city of foreign culture, her interpretation of many romantic and memorable stories. Among them, the crabs in the autumn and winter season is lingering on people's minds in Shanghai, unique complex. Sunset stone gate in the long Hall, leisure, and family around the table, yellow crab red, aroma wrap ... ... Especially those cultural figures, recalling the Shanghai like the crabs to talk.

the 30 's of the last century ten miles with Shanghai in Zhang ailing's novels are described as crab those sentimental romantic charming scene in the romantic story. At that time lived in Shanghai after people no matter where you go, when they recall the past will say: then the Shanghai hairy crabs are delicious! Even famous actors Butterfly living abroad when Shanghai memories, even with "hairy" three words instead of all of her story. I think it's justified, after work, personnel of all, after all we do not want to think of and after, memory is always unavoidable in life, friends, loved ones to taste crab atmosphere and mood is best able to coincide with that good old days, it can evoke a calm and warm years in dribs and drabs.