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Crab ecological breeding technique

Select  , wetland zones and

wetland zones away from villages, and industrial and mining areas, the natural environment is excellent, no pollution, water storage, water resources, shrimp and snails, clams and other benthic organisms are abundant, less sediment sludge layer (10 cm), no predators such as fish creature, road drainage and other facilities.

Second, seedlings

first of all enhance the crab seed breeding, keeping crab good characters, resistance and resistance of high quality varieties, choose wild broodstock breeding, operation, implementation of natural filter, removing impurities remain pure, to bad than good, ensuring strict screening. Then select specifications in order, sizes 100/kg ~200/kg as well, physique strong, creeping agile, appendage is complete, knuckle injury-free, without parasitic attachment (no put on the precocious crab) crab, after dipping 3 ‰ ~4 ‰ salt water solution after 3 ~ 5 minutes to the wetland ditches put crabs in April. A full release, the three-tier stocking. Seedling culture zones with poor breeding pond salt when   ≤ 5, temperature ≤ 2, stocking density per acre, 200 ~400. Crabs adapted to new growing conditions, separated by a partition within a week after the launch, and casting an egg yolk and soy milk okara, waiting for them to adapt to the environment, open the partition into the main drains and ditches.

third, the day-to-day management

adhere to the sustainable health of breeding patterns, improve water environment quality of work. By Reed ecological farming, protection of wetland vegetation, culture environment in the region has stronger function of regulation and purification of water quality in order to achieve healthy breeding of Eriocheir sinensis. Second is to strengthen quality management of water environment. Through the regular or periodic sampling of Reed wetland zones, to grasp the physical and chemical indicators of water environment in the zones, reasonable regulation, aquaculture water reach of river Crab production environment requirements. Crab stocking yihou, daily sooner or later the tour pool a again, observation crab child growth and the feeding situation, regularly on zones water for detection, found problem timely processing, salt degrees: 0 ‰ ~30 ‰, suitable temperature 15 ℃ ~30 ℃, best temperature 22 ℃ ~25 ℃, dissolved oxygen 5 mg/rose above,  pH value 7.5~8.5, ammonia nitrogen 0.1 mg/rose following, hydrogen sulfide 0.01 mg/rose following.

four, water quality regulation

in the process, do not use the basic do not change water quality deterioration or storm days in time or increase the water, changing water, depending on the circumstances may be. In production, in strict accordance with the control technology of pollution-free operation without the use of pesticides and hormones, a direct reference to natural water, at high temperature in summer, depending on the water quality, and does not change the water on a regular basis, each time you change the water depth of 10 cm ~20 cm, after the first filling.

five collected sales

September to October each year with light trap method or inserted in the Canal to catch crabs, crab should be over 2 hours of the capture of cage culture, spit mud after the filter is dirty, bags, insulated transport to markets.